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PhoneBox - the cheapest Canadian SIM card and eSIM

One of the cheapest Canadian SIM cards is that from PhoneBox. It has some advantages and very good conditions compared to other Canadian SIM card providers. Especially for travellers to Canada (tourists, visitors), students and newcomers such as work and travellers on temporary Working Holiday work permits. Save yourself the hassle of searching for a SIM card in Canada! Have them sent to your home country and have data immediately upon arrival in Canada. One of the best and cheapest phone plans in Canada with lots of data for the money.


PhoneBox Prepaid:

Unlimited Canada-wide calls

Unlimited International SMS 

No Canadian address required 

No Canadian credit card required 

No activation fees (other providers in the stores charge $60 activation fee) 

Data topup for only $15 per 1GB

PhoneBox ships the SIM card anywhere in the world (shipping is free!)

SIM card costs $10

SIM card can be activated on a preferred date in the future (no other carrier offers this) 

Payment by credit card, PayPal, WeChat or Alipay

No contracts, cancel at any time

Support in 7 languages 

Tethering (mobile hotspot) possible

Also available as eSIM

You can have the PhoneBox SIM card sent to anywhere in the world for free if you already know when you are going to travel to Canada. In order to receive the SIM card abroad in time, it must be ordered at least 30 days before the trip. For orders within Canada (to a Canadian address) it takes 14 days. 

The cell phone must be a newer cell phone that supports LTE or 4G.


Simply select the desired activation date during the ordering process - done. Insert the SIM card when you arrive in Canada and you immediately have a Canadian number and data plan. If it doesn't work right away, restart your phone.

How much does PhoneBox cost?

There are prepaid SIM plans and monthly SIM plans. If you are a tourist in Canada, make sure you select and activate "prepaid". The PhoneBox plans are among the cheapest SIM card plans in Canada. Because prices change constantly, check the website directly for their best prices.   

Disclaimer: I will receive a commission if you are using the above affiliate link.

This makes it possible to support all Work and Travellers on the Working Holiday Canada adventure.

Thanks a lot for the support.

I'm leaving for Canada soon, how can I get my SIM card?

You can activate an eSIM at any time because everything is done online. Your cell phone must support eSIM. 


The PhoneBox SIM card is not available in Canadian SIM card stores.

If you are too late with the online order of a SIM card and the shipping timeframe is too short: 

  • you can either order an eSIM, if your phone supports eSIM, or

  • pick up a SIM card in Vancouver Downtown or Toronto Downtown. Then the SIM card usually costs $10. You can mention "Working Holiday Blog" in the office, some employees then waive the $10 SIM Card fee. 

Vancouver Pickup: 658 Seymour St. Vancouver, BC V6B 3K4

Toronto Pickup: 1240 Bay St. #305, Toronto, ON M5R 2A7

Pickup Calgary: I have SIM-Cards available, please contact me to enquire about availability

Does the SIM card work everywhere in Canada?

The SIM card works everywhere in Canada where there is cell phone reception from Rogers. Note, Canada has very sparse coverage due to the size of the country and some areas have no coverage at all. eg in the Yukon there is reception only in the vicinity of civilisation. This applies to all providers in Canada. 

Here is the Canada coverage for PhoneBox. (Blue = Coverage) Source: PhoneBox 


Does the SIM card work in the US? 

Unfortunately no, the SIM card can only be used within Canada. But PhoneBox also has a USA SIM card that you can use if you want to travel to the USA.  

How do I cancel the SIM card?

Prepaid Plan: There is no need to cancel. Simply stop topping up on the due date, the service will end automatically and the SIM card will become invalid. If you have set an automatic renewal in your account, you must delete it so that the next month is no longer automatically renewed/charged. 

Monthly Plan: A monthly plan does not expire automatically, you have to cancel it yourself. In the online account or in the Phonebox app under "Cancel my service". Other options are: call, email, chat.

Telephone: +1 855-886-0505



How do I extend the SIM card?

After the SIM card has been activated, you can download the PhoneBox app and register with your PhoneBox cell phone number and email address. You will receive the cell phone number by e-mail only on the day of activation.

Then you have the option to extend in your profile. You must renew before the deadline. Because if you don't do it on time, the SIM expires at the scheduled end date and you have to order a new SIM card.

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